With more than 15 years of experience in the financial IT industry, ViViTECH combines innovation and experience to creat financial technology solutions for major banks and retailers in Brazil. ViViTECH builds applications, digital products & digital channels-implementing a comprehensive range of technology solutions.

ViViTECH manages applications, infrastructure and processes for our customers. Our digital platform provides agility and flexibility that harbors innovation and experience to create and maintain the best solutions for our clients and customers.Our passion is to transform business with technology, and this is the purpose that drives ViViTech. With its own customized digital solutions, ViViTech accelerates the digital transformation of some of the largest companies operating in Brazil.

ViViTECH accelerates digital transformation globally and is recognized as one of the leading financial services, application management and development solutions companies in Brazil. With a staff of over 200 technology professionals located throughout our 5 offices in Brazil and our headquarters in the USA ViViTECH is poised to become a dominant playerin the financial technology solution industry.

Here are just a few of the major companies that ViVi has worked with in Brazil and the United States: