ViVi Holdings provides in-demand, practical products that make it easier for businesses and consumers to communicate, manage their finances, and process payments. We’re driven by strong principles of continual improvement — constantly investing in research and development to create powerful new solutions to meet the challenging needs of today’s marketplace.

Vivi’s expert team of highly-qualified analysts, designers, developers and engineers bring together the latest technologies across blockchain, business intelligence, machine learning, and user-centered products to build products perfectly-tailored to user needs.

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Continuous innovation and focus on technology are in our DNA and are at the core of our business success. We will continue to invest in research and development to strengthen and extend our digital solutions. Using our qualified product and service design teams and research and development team, we intend to roll out a portfolio of new solutions, for both merchants and consumers, based on mobile apps, in order to drive more revenue while further strengthening our mobile-first commitment and simplifying our clients’ lives.

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