ViViPAY is a company with an inspiring mission in this world

“Financial Inclusion For All”

Even if you have never owned a bank account before or have not been able to get approved for loans in the past – ViViPAY has innovative solutions that are tailored to help you accomplish your financial goals.


With cutting-edge technology that lets us take risks that the bank just won’t – and provide services that banks just don’t – ViViPAY is a futuristic virtual wallet and digital account that is here to break down barriers between people and money.

ViVi Digital Wallet

The virtual wallet app is a platform linked to your ViViPAY card that allows you to have your very own bank-like account with us, pay your bills, go shopping, make transfers and track your balance.

Linked Mastercard

You can store your money safely in your virtual wallet and shop anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments. Enjoy the many exclusive benefits only available to ViViPAY members.

POIDS Security

Prove Online ID Security system for online identification – Facial recognition, Voice recognition, Word recognition and much more.

Auto Check Cashing

With our built in auto check cashing you will never have to go to the bank or a check cashing store to cash a check. Just snap a picture of the front and back of the check and the check is deposited right to your account.

Virtual Digital Wallet Technology with secure online identification system, that’s artificially intelligent.

Our digital wallet offers online bank-like services to our customers, without requiring a traditional bank account or a credit check.

  • Pay Bills
  • Transfer Money
  • Shop Online
  • Use Anywhere Mastercard and Visa are accepted

ViViPAY allows members to benefit from our vast array of digital solutions with the ViVidigital account and linked debit card. Our goal is to guarantee financial inclusion for all. Take advantage of our revolutionary all-inclusive digital financial ecosystem to send and receive money, pay bills, and manage your finances with no credit check, no minimum balance and no overdraft fees!

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